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Grant promotion

Grant promotion

Discover a selection of steering wheels perfect for your UTV!

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Quake Led

Quake Led

Quake Led

15% off on a selection of led lighting !

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Featured Products

MX Flex Shifter Torc1

MX Flex Shifter

Starting at
55.99 $

Magnetic ‘’Light-Mine’’ RiskRacing

Magnetic ‘’Light-Mine’’

Starting at
9.99 $

Jugs with Standard Cap TuffJugs

Jugs with Standard Cap

Starting at
49.99 $

Mercury Mirror Chaft

Mercury Mirror

Starting at
78.99 $

Clamp 2", Pursuit Mirror Seizmik

Clamp 2", Pursuit Mirror

Starting at
176.99 $

Performance and Race UTV Steering Wheel Grant

Performance and Race UTV Steering Wheel

Starting at
176.99 $

RZ Breath Deflector RZMask

RZ Breath Deflector

Starting at
54.99 $

Whip Light with Flag QuakeLed

Whip Light with Flag

Starting at
174.24 $

Sasquatch LED Switch QuakeLed

Sasquatch LED Switch

Starting at
28.99 $

Thru-Hole Fender Boatersports

Thru-Hole Fender

Starting at
35.99 $

Star Tron - SEF - Gas Additive StarBrite

Star Tron - SEF - Gas Additive

Starting at
9.79 $

Premium Blue Oil TC-W3 Sierra

Premium Blue Oil TC-W3

Starting at
12.39 $

Carb & Choke Cleaner CRC

Carb & Choke Cleaner

Starting at
7.69 $

Scratch & Oxidation Cleaner Boatersports

Scratch & Oxidation Cleaner

Starting at
14.59 $

TX707 Off-Road Helmet CKX

TX707 Off-Road Helmet

Starting at
429.99 $

Bullitt Full-Face Helmet Bell

Bullitt Full-Face Helmet

Starting at
519.99 $

FT2 Full-Face Helmet LS2

FT2 Full-Face Helmet

Starting at
279.99 $

Jacket, Montreal 2.0 OxfordProducts

Jacket, Montreal 2.0

Starting at
344.99 $

Jacket, Essential - Night Eye Macna

Jacket, Essential - Night Eye

Starting at
399.99 $

X40 Expander Tankbag Lifetime Luggage OxfordProducts

X40 Expander Tankbag Lifetime Luggage

Starting at
239.99 $

M22 Enduro "Dark Tint", MSA Wheels MSAwheels

M22 Enduro "Dark Tint", MSA Wheels

Starting at
226.99 $

PERFORMANCE Series Exhaust System HMFperformance

PERFORMANCE Series Exhaust System

Starting at
424.99 $

85L Cargo UTV Box Kimpex

85L Cargo UTV Box

Starting at
299.99 $

UTV Door (OEM style) Kimpex

UTV Door (OEM style)

Starting at
749.99 $

Boots 1995, Yukon CKX

Boots 1995, Yukon

Starting at
159.99 $

Sentinel Handguard, Blue/White Powermadd

Sentinel Handguard, Blue/White

Starting at
50.99 $

Reversable Snow/Ice Scratchers RSI

Reversable Snow/Ice Scratchers

Starting at
109.99 $

Gen 3 Retractable Wheels System Rouski

Gen 3 Retractable Wheels System

Starting at
354.99 $

Boots, 12" Taïga CKX

Boots, 12" Taïga

Starting at
114.99 $

400 amp. Lithium Booster Pack Kimpex

400 amp. Lithium Booster Pack

Starting at
199.99 $


  • Great that the Winch Bumper is “No tools required” and especially the not needing to remove t...

    Shane Allen

    ATV amateur

  • This team is awesome. Always innovating and forward-thinking in terms of customer service and pro...

    Patrick Nadeau


  • I own several Kimpex products. A couple that come to mind would be a Click-n-Go snow plow and UCl...


    Kimpex Youtube channel subscriber

  • I wanted to congratulate you for how easy it was to mount the attachment system extension product...

    Gerald Gauvreau

    ATV enthusiast

  • Good afternoon. My name is Joe Enberg and I am writing to acknowledge the superior crash protecti...

    Joe Enberg

    Motorcycle Enthusiast

  • ‘’Fantastic’’ I love these new tracks for trails, gone is the concern with groomed trails...

    Jocelyn Rioux


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  • Team Rockstar Energy/Yamaha/OTSFF
    Team Rockstar Energy/Yamaha/OTSFF

    ‘’At OTSFF Motorsports we run the most successful Snowcross program in Canadian history and the # 2 ranked Canadian Moto Cross program. We are proud to work with Kimpex 12 months a year, and raise interest to Canadian Motorsports through the family at Kimpex Canada.’’ - Brad Ewen, Director of Marketing at Rockstar Energy MX Canada, OTSFF Sports Marketing Group. Visit the OTSFF website for more infO: http://www.otsffmotorsports.com

  • CSBK Amateur Sport Bike National Championship.
    CSBK Amateur Sport Bike National Championship.

    “Kimpex and Bell Helmets are both significant additions to the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship,” said Colin Fraser of Professional Motorsports Productions, which runs the national series. “We are confident that their participation will help grow road racing in Canada and add prestige to our Amateur Sport Bike class. Learn more about the Canadian Superbike Championship at www.csbk.ca

  • Thomas Rendall
    Thomas Rendall

    “I want to thank you again for sponsoring me with Alias MX Gear, and Bell Helmets. I would not be able to compete in as many races as I have without your support.” – Thomas Rendall #494

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