Rear - Rollable SEIZMIK Rear Windshield/Dust Panel Ranger Mid Size

Rear - Rollable SEIZMIK Rear Windshield/Dust Panel Ranger Mid Size






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Part number :175371
The Dust Panel keeps out the dust wind and rain that comes in with the backdraft on UTV's that have windshields and roofs installed.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from ultra tough UV coated denier nylon and a vinyl window.
  • Tight Fit: The Seizmik dust panel is designed to provide the tighest fit on the market thanks to its industrial grade velcro straps that wrap around the roll bars.
  • Large Viewing Area: Seizmik dust panels are equipped with extra large viewing windows.
  • Trailerable: The durable materials, tight fitment and the elimination of loose straps enable all of Seizmik Dust Panels to be trailered to 65 mph.
  • Easy Install and Removal: All Seizmik dust panels can be removed and installed in less than 10 minutes, with no drilling or tools required.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :04016

  • Kimpex catalog number :175371


List of additional OEM numbers :