Arctic Cat EPI Clutch Kit - Service ATV & UTV

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Arctic Cat EPI Clutch Kit - Service ATV & UTV

Designed for:

Stock Tire


0' - 3'




Service Utility Vehicle

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Part number :294912
EPI carries a complete line of clutch kits to work with your machine and your riding style everything from trail riding and heavy duty hauling / working to mud running with oversized tires.
  • Kits are designed to improve the performance on or off the trails without losing the reliability of your ATV/UTV.
  • Kits are more efficient in transferring the power of your ATV/UTV down to the tires.
  • Kits are also designed to improve low and mid-range acceleration.
  • Helps to decrease belt slippage, which will decrease clutch heat.
  • Each kit will enhance back shifting and throttle response.
  • Each clutch kit has been field tested to assure your satisfaction.
  • Kit designed for stock motor and stock exhaust.
  • Kit components vary by model and style of kit.
  • Designed to improve your ATV/UTV’s heavy working capacity for those who spend most of their time working or hauling.
  • Kit may affect top end speed.
  • Our best all around use kit
  • Great for trail riding, occasional mud and sand riding, plowing and hauling
  • Makes up for the power loss and slow response of adding oversized tires
  • Better low end and midrange acceleration
  • Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
  • Reduces belt slip and clutch heat
Refer to the chart to find your model.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :WE490505

  • Kimpex catalog number :294912


List of additional OEM numbers :