FIRESTIK StrobStick (for Strobe Ready)

FIRESTIK StrobStick (for Strobe Ready)

Signal type:

LED red strobe glowstick

Time last:

8 to 100 hours

Unit per package:



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Part number :158242
Firestik LED safety flags utilize a unique multi-purpose strobe light for use in a variety of emergency, safety, signaling or identification applications. The multi-function strobe, called StrobeStik, provides safety lighting for off-road recreation, mining, construction, highway safety, police, search and rescue, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, kayaking, boating, personal safety and more. The possible applications are limited only by the imagination. StrobeStik’s 1 watt LED is powered by a single “AA” battery. The “AA” is the most recognizable and commercially available battery in the world, allowing for inexpensive and convenient battery replacement. Typical battery life, using the leading discount store alkaline, ranges from 8 to 100 hours depending on the user-selected mode.

The 6 Strobestik modes are:
  • MODE 1: No light or strobe. Battery saving off-mode.
  • MODE 2: Solid-on - Stays lit; no strobing action. Continuous operation of 8 hours.
  • MODE 3: Slow Strobe - One flash per second capable of over 100 hours of continuous operation.
  • MODE 4: Fast Strobe - 2.7 flashes per second for 25+ hours of continuous operation.
  • MODE 5: Triple Flash Strobe - 3.8 flashes per second for 20+ hours of continuous operation.
  • MODE 6: Random mode - 30+ hour run-time; random flash pattern designed to reduce habituation behavior.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :STS-1V

  • Kimpex catalog number :158242


List of additional OEM numbers :