WICKED BILT Electra Steer Kit

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WICKED BILT Electra Steer Kit

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12 V

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Part number :296217
The Wicked Bilt 12v Electra Steer power steering kit for UTV’s is a bolt on system that significantly reduces steering effort and diminishes steering wheel jerk caused by uneven terrain. This is a torque-sensing unit that increases assistance as torque or resistance increases at the wheels. Unit mounts under the dash.
Kits contain, the mounting brackets for both the module and the motor as well as the steering shafts and universal joints. Also included are the mounting hardware and electrical connections. The power steering kits reduce effort by 35-40% over factory setups.

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • 8051790
  • 296217