STOP & GO Tube and Tubeless Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

STOP & GO Tube and Tubeless Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

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Part number :172002
  • Easy access to one spark plug is necessary! Now works on late model BMW’s, ST Model & Pan European Honda’s (all years) and Harley- Davidsons (all years) with American made Adapters Along with all the proper hand tools to make this happen smoothly, you get the Engine-Air Pump and adapters (see Inflation Devices) for an unlimited supply of clean outside air to inflate your tire. A waterless hand cleaner and full instructions make it possible for you do an effective repair and prevent being stranded in most situations.
  • ST Model & Pan European Honda Models (all years) requires the purchase of the Item No. ST001 separately

Product Contents :
  • (3) 1 1/4" Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (2) 2" Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (1) 1 3/4" x 3" Oblong Vulcanizing Patch
  • Reamer/Rasp Tool
  • Split-Eye Needle Insertion Tool
  • (5) 4 1/2" "On the Wheel" Rubber Insertion Strips
  • (3) Inside/Out Patch/Plugs Combo 1 3/4"
  • Round Patch Head with a 1/4" stem
  • (2) 9 1/2" Steel Tire Levers
  • Engine-Air Tire Pump 60" Hose
  • Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve and 18mm, 14mm, & 12mm Adapters (Fits most motorcycles)
  • Buffer/Stitcher Tool
  • Tube of Rubber Cement (1/2 fluid oz.)
  • Valve Cap with Core Remover
  • Waterless Hand Cleaner & Towel
  • Laminated Instructions
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Zippered Pouch (9.5" x 4" x1.5")
  • Weighs: 2 lbs.

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • 1035
  • 172002