PORTABLE WINCH Gas-Powered Portable Capstan Winch, Power of 700lbs

PORTABLE WINCH Gas-Powered Portable Capstan Winch, Power of 700lbs


700 lbs

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14 5/8"




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Part number :078247
High-Speed, lightweight, portable, gas-powered winch, with 350 kg (700 lbs) of pulling capacity. When what you need is speed more than power, the PCW5000-HS is for you. Weighing only 16 kg (35 lbs), this Portable Winch is easily carried and can be anchored to anything using the 2 m long sling provided or the different anchoring accessories.

Use the Portable Winch with any length of double braided polyester low stretch rope. We offer these ropes in many lengths. The rope is tied to the object to be moved and wound three or four times around the capstan drum. When the engine is running, the capstan drum rotates continuously and the friction created by pulling on the free end of the rope pulls the load. With the 85 mm (3-3/8'') capstan drum, the load will move at a speed up to 36 m/minute (120'/min), depending on the weight of the load. The pulling capacity of the PCW5000-HS is sufficient to pull many small load when speed is a criteria.

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  • Supplier number :PCW5000-HS

  • Kimpex catalog number :078247


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