FLITZ Cycle 2Go Care Kit

FLITZ Cycle 2Go Care Kit

Designed for:

Chrome, Stainless Steel


CY 41503


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Part number :715868
For some people it’s one of the pleasures of owning a motorcycle. For others it’s pure drudgery. But for most bike owners, the business of finish care is an essential task. Maintaining the finish is a priority because appearance is usually a major reason why you chose your bike, right? It’s not just an attitude you have while riding, but rather a way of life. That’s why our Flitz Cycle 2Go Care Kit is an essential tool to have in your saddlebag or backpack.

Chrome/Stainless Cleaner: Removes water spots, road dirt, oils/grease on chrome, painted wheels as well as any of the high-polished parts.
Speed Wax: Removes bug spots on painted or plastic parts & leaves a protective coating for a quick “show & shine” finish. Will not leave a white residue on surface or around decals like a paste wax does.

Flitz Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass Polish: Removes hard water spots, burned on rubber & nylon from boots & rain gear on pipes, bluing on pipes, fine scratches, oxidation, fingerprints & more! Leaves a protection behind that lasts up to 6 months.

Content: Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner, Wax Protectant, Flitz Polish-Paste

Other compatible numbers with the Kimpex part number:

  • CY 41503
  • 715868