SIERRA Water Seal Damper 18-1830

SIERRA Water Seal Damper 18-1830

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Part number :728964
Fits: 25 ML, MS(1997-02), 30(1987-01), 40(1984-05), 50(1986-09), 60(2001-05), 70(1984- 09), 90(1984-09), B90(1997-99), C30(1995), C40(1991-01), C50(1998-01), C55(1991-95), C60(1996-01), C70(2000-01), C75(1994-99), C80(1997), C85(1991-96), C90(1997- 01), E48(1995-00), E60(1995-00), E75(1995-00),F30(2001-05, 2013), F40(1999-13), F50(1995-13), F60(2002-13), F70(2010-13), F75(2003-11), F80(1999-03), F90(2003- 13), F100(1999-03), F200(2002-12), F225(2002-12), F250(2005-12), L225(1994-99), L250(1990-99), LF200(2002-12), LF225(2002-10), LF250(2005-12), LX225(2000-03), LX250(2000-03), LZ250(2003-05), LZ300(2004-06), P40(1998), P50(1991-96), P60(1991- 99), P75(1996-99), S225(1996-99), S250(1996-99), SX225(2000-03), SX250(2000-03), T25(2001-13), T50(1996-13), T60(2003-13), V200(1998-99), V225(1998-99), VX200(2000- 05), VX225(2000-04), VX250(2002-04), VZ200(2005-09), VZ225(2005-09), VZ250(2003- 09), VZ300(2004-09), Z250(2003-05), Z300(2004-06)

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :18-1830

  • Kimpex catalog number :18-1830

  • OEM number :663-44366-00


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • 663-44366-00