SIERRA Exhaust Tube 18-2780-1

SIERRA Exhaust Tube 18-2780-1


Exhaust Tube


Volvo, OMC


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Part number :722910
Replaces: 3852741, 3863450
For: 3.0L GL, GS, GI, GLM, GLP, GSM, GSP, GS, 4.3L GL, GS, GI, GXI, OSI, 5.0L FL, FI, GL, GXI, OSI, 5.7L GL, GI, GXI, OSI, OSXI, GIL, GXIL, 5.8L FL, FI, FSI, 7.4L GL, GI, GSI, 8.2L GSI

Other compatible numbers with the Kimpex part number:

  • 18-2780-1
  • 18-2780-1
  • 722910