Spray FLITZ Magnesium Chloride Remover

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Spray FLITZ Magnesium Chloride Remover


Magnésium Chloride Remover

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Part number :715851
Corrosion costs U.S. businesses an estimated $276 billion each year. Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Chloride are more widely used to de-ice roadways in winter conditions in the U.S. and Canada than Sodium Chloride (rock salt). After testing, it was found that Magnesium & Calcium Chloride dissolve, absorb & mix more easily with water helping protect roads much faster. However, the problem is they cling to the metals of your vehicle much more than typical rock salt and leave behind a residue that remains caustic. These chemicals are destructive to your vehicle, truck & trailer causing persistent deterioration & oxidation if not maintained.

Prevent & Maintain: Instantly remove the harsh corrosion caused by Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Chloride, Brake Dust, Calcium, Lime,Grease, Oil & Water Stains from Aluminum & Stainless Steel with the Flitz Industrial Strength Magnesium Chloride Remover..

Simply spray on, agitate and rinse. Will not dull aluminum. Safe for use on painted surfaces, fiberglass & chrome. Leave on for on ly a few seconds. The area MUST be rinsed thoroughly with water.

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  • Supplier number :MG 01206

  • Kimpex catalog number :715851


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