ORION Fish 'N Ski Fisrt Aid Kit

ORION Fish 'N Ski Fisrt Aid Kit




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Part number :780152
The perfect size marine first aid kit for the small craft. Plastic case with gasketed dual locking lid, fits easily into small storage areas on boat. 13different items/74 total pieces.
  • Adhesive strips (26) items
  • Wound dressings (4) items
  • Antiseptics, medicinals (43) items
  • Additional products (1) item
New soft pack, modular system, lets you choose the level of protection that suits your boating habits, whether a bay boater or long distance offshore cruiser.
  • Each modular section is packed in a resealable zip lock waterproof bag
  • All bandages are premium fabric quality and resistant to water

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • FNS/963
  • 780152