SEASTAR SOLUTION Hydraulic Outboard Steering, Compact Cylinder

SEASTAR SOLUTION Hydraulic Outboard Steering, Compact Cylinder

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Helm, Helm Cylinder, Tubing, Fittings, Oil


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Part number :717855
Complete Systems :

BayStar kits come complete with everything needed for an install: helm, cylinder, tubing, fittings and fluid. For your convenience, enough cut-to-fit tubing for either a 20’ or 30’ run is supplied with the kit.

These kits include Compact Cylinder P/N HC4645H. If a Cylinder other than HC4645H or HC4658H is required, purchase of a "field replaceable pivot plates" will be necessary. See following pages.
BayStar Steering Kit (20’ tubing run) ... HK4200A 20’ run = 40’ tubing; 30’ run = 60’ tubing (two pieces of tubing must reach from helm to engine without kinks or areas of strain)

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • HK4200A-3
  • HK4200A
  • 717855