CORE MOTO MX Series Brake Line

CORE MOTO MX Series Brake Line


Stainless steel


Front or rear




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Part number :077061
Why Choose Stainless over Rubber hoses?
OEM rubber hoses expand and swell, especially under extreme braking conditions. This expansion results in what is often described as a spongy feel or brake fade. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend that your OEM rubber brake lines be replaced every 4 years when used under normal conditions. Core Moto Performance lines are good for the life of the motorcycle.
Core Moto lines do not expand under pressure or fatigue. All braking input is transmitted from the master cylinder directly to the calipers, giving you complete control, feel and feedback from the final point in the braking system. Total brake response and performance is improved with this often overlooked yet simple modification.

Included in each kit:
  • Order invoice.
  • Core Moto brake line retail packaging.
  • Core Moto brake lines with proper lengths, banjo bend angles, mounting grommets and colors according to your model and order details.
  • Low profile stainless steel banjo bolts with lightened heads.
  • Copper crush washers.
  • Installation and brake bleeding guide.
  • Core Moto stickers.
High performance braking is not just for the race track!
Get more from your brake system with Core Moto Performance Brake lines

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :CL0023OR

  • Kimpex catalog number :077061


List of additional OEM numbers :