Super Street Chain D.I.D Chain - 520ZVMX

Super Street Chain D.I.D Chain - 520ZVMX

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Part number :004671
Super Street X-Ring (Replaces ZVM2)
The ZVMX Series with Greater Rigidity
Modern motorcycle engines are getting stronger and stronger, and D.I.D continuously pursues improved chain designs to give riders the power they need. DID ZVMX «series is focused on» Rigidity. Increased rigidity means better power transfer from the engine to the ground, greater resistance to stretching under load and overall improved performance that meets the demands of current high-power bikes and the people who ride them.
*Connecting Links NOT interchangeable between the new 520ZVMX and the former 520ZVM2.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :520ZVXMG120ZB

  • Kimpex catalog number :004671


List of additional OEM numbers :