HOT CAMS Motorcycle Camshaft 4271-1E

HOT CAMS Motorcycle Camshaft 4271-1E


Stage 1

Exhaust Duration:


Exhaust lift:

8.59 mm

Exhaust lobe center:


Exhaust valve lash:

.22 mm

Intake Duration:


Intake Lift (mm):

.00 mm

Intake lobe center:


Intake Valve Lash (mm):

.00 mm

Shim kit:



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Part number :020490
  • High performance racing camshaft.
  • No core required (keep your old camshaft).
  • Designed to use stock valve springs and rockers in most applications.
  • Adjustable cam sprockets supplied with some models.
Stage 1 ITR: dual-cam motor: Intake and exhaust cams sold separately. Excellent bottom-end and midrange increase. Uses stock valve springs.

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • 4271-1E
  • 020490