ATHENA Yamaha Hyper Race Kit

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ATHENA Yamaha Hyper Race Kit

Carburetor type:


Opening dimensions:

19 mm

Engine type:

Horizontal style


70 cc

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Part number :163012
ATHENA Hyper Race Kits, including shaped domed head, piston, pin, gasket kit, racing exhaust pipe, High performance crankshaft, 19mm Dell’Orto carburetor, throttle cable and state of the art racing cylinder.

The race version of our 70cc cylinder kit stands out from crowd, due to a lighter flat head piston, special porting including the exhaust and bridge and a new cylinder head design. These have been designed to increase the compression ratio and improve internal combustion.“Hyper Race” kit. This provides a special race use crankshaft made of special steel, which is completely forged machined, including a 12mm wrist pin for increased strength. It includes lighter connecting rods with special needle bearings and full rounds to reduce crankshaft volume.
  • An Athena exhaust systems helps the Hyper Race kit reach peak power, due to an optimal thermodynamic cycle.
  • Perfectly balancing strength and lightness these pipes have been designed and tested to assure the highest reliability.
  • Finally, to round out the kit, a 19mm Dell’Orto carburetor optimally matches air flow improving engine performance.

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  • Supplier number :P400485105002

  • Kimpex catalog number :163012


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