Lateral SHAD SH43 Side Cases

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Lateral SHAD SH43 Side Cases


43 L

Helmet capacity:

2 Full Face Helmets

Locking system:


Brake light included:



5 kg


40 cm


28 cm


55 cm



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Part number :031597
The SH43 side case allows you to take everything you need with you so when you reach your destination you won’t be missing anything. This is a side case with a large capacity 43 litres, no less, which is the equivalent of two full-face helmets plus accessories, and together with your SHAD top case will maximise the cargo capacity of your motorcycle.

The interior of the SH43 is reinforced with an inner metal side shelf and fastening straps to provide maximum cargo security and stability. Moreover, its internal rubber strip guarantees the case seals hermetically and the cargo remains dry. The SH43 offers a new, highly reliable opening/closing system that guarantees greater peace of mind when travelling. As an extra, it also comes with a spare set of cylinders and keys so you can change the top case key and use just one key to open all three cases.

* As an accessory, it offers a range of interchangeable coloured covers allowing you to show off your motorcycle by matching the covers to the colour of the bike or top case. Blue, silver, titanium, white, red, dark grey, new titanium or metallic black… a large range of colours to choose from. Furthermore, not only can you choose the cover colour you like best, the SH43 is also available in red or white reflector styles to match the reflector of the top case.
Sold in pair.

* Case bracket sold separately!

Other compatible numbers with the Kimpex part number:

  • D0B4310
  • 031597