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Snowmobile Bibs

Having almost the same functions than the snowmobile pants, the snowmobile bibs always work with suspenders. Kimpex is distributing bibs coming from 2 great brands; CKX and HMK. The snowmobile clothing quality these 2 brands are supplying can be observed by all the technical details and features on the bibs, jackets and suits they create. 

Floating Snowmobile Gear

Some of the snowmobile bibs offered under the CKX brand can float on water in case of an unexpected water immersion when snowmobiling. Look for the TekFloat bibs. (Note that you must purchase a Tekfloat jacket as well if you do not want to be upside-down in the water having only the legs floating!!!)

Well Designed Snowmobile Bibs

Snowmobile bibs for women or men are designed to follow the shape of your body and to protect it from the cold wind when snowmobiling.  Sizing range is from X-Small to 3XL (XXXL).

Differently insulated, the snow bibs can be used in many conditions such as trail riding, snowmobile racing, mountain riding,…  When shopping for snowmobile pants or bibs, allow more space for the underpants.