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Backcountry, Snowcross & MX (motocross) Goggles for snowmobile

Every snowmobiler wearing an MX type of helmet knows that he also needs the perfect goggles that will best fit his face and helmet. Eyewear is essential to comfort, but also as a protection for eyes and face from bad weather.

Winter Goggles VS Summer Goggles

As cold weather arrives, it becomes more important to switch your regular mx goggles for winter goggles. The difference between winter goggles for snowmobiling and regular mx goggles is the dual lens that really helps cut out fogging. A regular MX goggles made for summer would only have a single lens.

In the quest for the best snowmobile goggles designed for cold weather, be sure to look for that double lens, anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment, and UV protection.