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SNOWMOBILE Helmet Components

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Snowmobile and ATV Helmet Parts, Components & Accessories

Sometimes, there is no need to change to a brand new snowmobile helmet. Your current helmet might just have a missing, broken or damage part and needs a replacement part. You might simply feel the need for a customized lid or a better lens for your current helmet.

A scratched lens needs to be replaced as it can distort your vision. The inner liner can be damaged or compacted.

Helmet Replacement Parts

Through its dealers, Kimpex offers a wide variety of helmet parts and components from LS2 and CKX such as: lens hinges, lenses, double lenses, electric double lenses, sun visors, breath guards, breath boxes, vents, liner kits, chin curtains, chin guards, bottom trims & more.

Regardless of the brand and model you chose, we know that a helmet can constitute quite an investment. This is why Kimpex wants to give you access to a large selection of replacement parts for your snowmobile helmet. We truly believe that all those little components can extend the lifetime of your helmet, and so preserve your investment.