SNOWMOBILE Full-Face Helmets

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Full face snowmobile helmets

Known for its high protection level, the full-face snowmobile helmet is clearly the quietest type of helmet you can purchase.

Contrary to the modular type, the full face helmet doesn’t allow you to lift the front section. You still can expect to easily lift up the visor/shield even with your gloves on. A full-face snowmobile helmet will keep you dry and warm. In addition you can expect to feel no discomfort from wind blasts. This helmet type is light and ideal for extreme cold.

Full-Face Snowmobile Helmet VS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

What makes the difference with a full-face motorcycle helmet is the reduced venting for maximum warmth, the breath box and the double lens (some of them may also feature electric double lens). Also, lenses are subjected to an anti-fogging treatment to minimize fogging.

If you are an ATV enthusiast seeking for winter rides, our winter full face helmets will also be a great fit for you.

Kimpex is proudly distributing top snowmobile helmet brands such CKX & LS2 through its snowmobile dealers. Every one of our full-face helmets meets or exceeds DOT & ECE standards.