Ski-Doo STUD BOY Switch-Back Carbide 6"

Ski-Doo STUD BOY Switch-Back Carbide 6"

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Part number :996035
Switch-Back" 6" carbide wear bar
  • Our bars are made to the highest standard in the industry. Large round host bars with virgin carbide inserts brazed to stay in place and hold an edge. Stud Boy standard carbides are offered in several models to fit the needs of demanding snowmobilers in a 4”, 6” and 9” carbide lengths. Our bars are made to provide superior control on hard or icy surfaces and the deep profile adds additional control on soft conditions while providing long lasting durability.
  • Sold in Pair.

Other compatible numbers with the Kimpex part number:

  • DOO-R2410-60
  • 996035