CFR Snowboard Bracket Kit

CFR Snowboard Bracket Kit

Hardware included:


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Luggage rack


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Part number :200695
Snowboard Bracket kit for Tunnel Rack

  • Light weight nylon parts are infused with resin that makes them extremely strong and can handle -100 degree cold temps.
  • Injected molded straps that can withstand down to -100 degree cold temps but will break in severe roll overs to prevent damage.
  • Ratchets and ladders are custom made for superior ratcheting lockdown.
  • All mounting Hardware included is made from
  • Super strong and rust free high grade stainless steel.
  • Carries one snowboard. Another snowboard bracket Kit can be purchased to carry up to two snowboards.
  • Specifically designed to be fastened to CFR D,DD i or mountain rack.(sold separately)
  • Proudly made in Canada.

List of manufacturers (OEM) part numbers that are compatible with Kimpex numbers.

  • K01
  • 200695