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NationalCycle Switchblade Chopped Moto Windshield Kit

NationalCycle Switchblade Chopped Moto Windshield Kit


Complete kit contains : 1x Windshield (001203) 1x Windshield Brackets (001525)
Windshield : (001203) =
Compatible Brand : Fits Honda, Fits Suzuki, Fits Triumph, Fits Victory, Fits Yamaha | Material : Polycarbonate | Tint : Clear | Thickness : 4 mm | Windshield type : SwitchBlade Chopped | Height : 15.5"-18.5"
Windshield Brackets : (001525) =
Compatible Brand : Fits Honda, Fits Kawasaki, Fits Yamaha | Windshield Model : Switchblade | Mount type : Straight fork

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Please note : Kimpex Canada ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :KK00009417
National Cycle
Item 1: Windshield
SwitchBlade Chopped
Is the 2-Up too tall, or the Shorty too short ? The new SwitchBlade Chopped is a cut-down version of the popular SwitchBlade 2-Up. The recontoured top is 4-5” shorter (depending on model) and the trimmed bottom profile is narrower. Get all the protection you need and the look you want!

Overall Height : 21.1” - 23.1” (53.6-58.7 cm)
Item 2: Windshield Brackets
Complete mount to attach your windshield
Hardware is included.


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