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Marine and Water Sports Parts, Accessories and Equipment

For all your needs in boating, water sports and dock maintenance parts, accessories and equipment, Kimpex is your reference.

Among the wide range of over 15 000 water sports parts, accessories and replacement products, you will surely find those that are perfectly adapted to your boat, and Kimpex will provide you all necessary equipment. Whether you want to increase your boat performance, comfort, practicality or look, Kimpex offers you a wide range of marine replacement products.

Water Sports, Inflatable Tubes and Inflatable Water Games

For your favourite water sports and for relaxing on water, Kimpex offers a whole range of tubes, inflatable mattresses, inflatable chairs, inflatable ice boxes and floating accessories from WOW, AirHead SportsStuff, MargaritaVille… and much more.

Audio and Electronic Equipment, Mooring and Anchors for Recreational Boats

Kimpex offers a wide range of audio and electronic equipment so that you can fully enjoy your outings on the water. A variety of mooring devices and anchors are also available for your recreational boats.

Cleaning, storing and warehousing products for boats, docks and marinas

For your boat maintenance and storage, Kimpex offers a wide variety of maintenance and cleaning products, protection oils… and much more.
For your docks and marinas, Kimpex offers, through its retailers, a range of marine buoys and fenders for boats and pontoons, lighting systems and lights, dock ladders… and much more.