• I own several Kimpex products. A couple that come to mind would be a Click-n-Go snow plow and UClear HBC200 comm system for the wife and I. I've always have been happy with anything I bought from you


    Kimpex Youtube channel subscriber

  • Good afternoon. My name is Joe Enberg and I am writing to acknowledge the superior crash protection of Bell motorcycle helmets. On May 25 of this year I was the unfortunate victim of an inattentive left-turning motorist. I was traveling at approximately 70 km/h when the driver of an oncoming car turned left across my lane of travel from less than 10 metres (30 ft) away. I collided with the car at the passenger side quarter panel and was thrown from my bike, up and over the hood of the car. Both of my ankles collided with my handle bars, throwing me into a forward somersault and causing me to land on my back. The back of my head hit the asphalt first, with a resounding smack, followed by my shoulders and back. I bounced once and came to rest. And as I lay here now, recovering from 2 broken ankles, I can tell you that the first thought to go through my mind after my helmet bounced on the asphalt was "wow, that could have been a lot worse!" My skull suffered no concussion. No bruising. Zero tenderness. Not a mark. And I attribute that to the quality of materials, workmanship and testing that go into Bell motorcycle helmets. I could have skimped and bought a cheaper helmet. I am very thankful that I did not. The doctors say I should be walking again by late October.

    Joe Enberg

    Motorcycle Enthusiast

  • just wanted everyone to know that Kimpex makes an awesome cargo box for your atv. My Cargo Trunk Deluxe has been moved from one quad to another for 10 years-its seen well over 5,000km on some very rough western Alberta trails. Recently I flipped my quad over onto myself-it was the Kimpex trunk that saved my butt!! Highly recommended

    Chris Schmidt

    Trucking company owner

  • I recently changed my motorcycle helmet for a CR1 from LS2. After a few weeks trying it out, I can now say that I am very pleased with my choice. The look is great and the quality of the pads is excellent. And most of all, the AirGo system is brilliant!!!

    André Dumont

    Web developper

  • ‘’Fantastic’’ I love these new tracks for trails, gone is the concern with groomed trails, are there drifts in the fields, too many ruts or ice… We ride safely with a worry free drive, without any vibration, a real charm, like in summertime! Our ride is a two-seater Polaris (Touring 850) and my spouse is practically asleep in her seat. She loves them and feels much safer. Many thanks for creating such a Beautiful and Good Product. “THIS IS PURE PLEASURE’’

    Jocelyn Rioux


  • I wanted to congratulate you for how easy it was to mount the attachment system extension product for my Click N Go 2 on an ATV with tracks. I assembled it all in record time and the included chart was very accurate. Thank you.

    Gerald Gauvreau

    ATV enthusiast

  • This team is awesome. Always innovating and forward-thinking in terms of customer service and product development, Kimpex is my first choice.

    Patrick Nadeau


  • Great that the Winch Bumper is “No tools required” and especially the not needing to remove the hook!

    Shane Allen

    ATV amateur

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