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ATV Fender Protectors

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Kimpex ATV Fender Guards & Protectors

The Kimpex fender guard is an essential complement to the trunk seat. Equipped with a good footrest, it provides safety and comfort for the person riding with you.

Passenger Footrest

Along with the fender guards, you must have the universal footrest, an accessory adjustable for height and also for the angle of the foot, providing the passenger with optimal ergonomics and definitely more comfort. It mainly helps to avoid certain aches and discomfort during long rides and provides the passenger with more stability. Made of aluminum, it is highly durable and offers strong support for the feet of the back passenger. In addition, when you are alone, you may leave the footrest in raised position, which gives you more room.      


The fender guard can be fitted to the baggage rack and the original footrests without modifying any of your vehicle’s original parts. Its ease of installation is one of fender guard’s strong points. An installation manual will be supplied with your order.

One Year Warranty

On presentation of the invoice, Kimpex offers a one year warranty on all manufacturing defects. This is a very sturdy product. Tubes that help to protect the fender guards and to install the footrests are made of steel, and the footrests of aluminum.

Customized fitting for your ATV

Fitting the product to your ATV is an important benefit. Kimpex has developed a customized model for the most popular line of ATV’s.  The fender guard fits very well to the shape of your machine, but it also offers the same matt or glossy finish as your machine’s original baggage rack.

However, if you do not find the customized model for your machine, even with the help of our vehicle research tool, you can always take a look at our universal fender guards.

Customized models for the most popular OEMs and many others: