MARINCO Connect Pro Power Plug

MARINCO Connect Pro Power Plug

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12. 24. 12/24. 24/36. 36 V

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Part number :708134
The ConnectPro has superior electric current arrying capacity to eliminate problems that rob motors of power and reduce battery life. The ConnectPro system features a locking plug and receptacle with spring claming which provide a secure electrical contact.
Receptable: Universal design for 2 - or 3-wire configuration; 12, 24, 12/24, 24/36 or 36 volt systems
    • Watertight sealing cap
    • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
    • Drain holes in receptacle keep water away from electrical components
    • Perma-LockTM screw terminals will not loosen under extreme hull vibration
    • Standard 1-1/8” diameter mounting hole
    • Easy to install, with supplied mounting plate for front panel installation, or locking ring for rear access installation
    • Accepts 10 to 8 gauge wire
    • Easily replaces other trolling motor plugs and receptacles.
    Plug: O-ring seal for waterproof connections
    • Weather resistant plug cover
    • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
    • Accepts 16 to 8 gauge wire
    • Ergonomic soft contoured grip for easy hook-up and blade alignment
    Adapter: Allows 6 gauge wire connection to ConnectPro Receptacle
    • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
    • Easy to install.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :12VBP

  • Kimpex catalog number :708134


List of additional OEM numbers :