• 01/11/2018

    JETHWEAR 2019

    Launched into the snowmobile industry in 2013, Jethwear draws on the influences of other subcultures such as snowboarding, skiing, music and fashion and strives to provide consumers with premium products. Rooted in the free-thinking values of snowmobiles, Jethwear is the new independent clothing brand with a unique and original freeride perspective.

  • 29/08/2018

    2018 Kimpex's Motorcycle and ATV Show in Quebec City.


    Last August 14th and 15th was held the Motorcycle / ATV show reserved specifically for Kimpex retailers. With different suppliers on site, dealers were able to see, touch and test a ton of products and accessories for the upcoming season. Although access to the show was exclusive, we still have some highlights to show you.

    What's better than the old capital to receive our suppliers and retailers? Founded in 1608, Québec City retains countless vestiges of its past. Known for its unique architectural style, the streets of Old Quebec are always, or almost, crowded with people.


  • 23/08/2018

    Dropship from MBRP


    With more than 85 000 available products, Kimpex wants to offer even more. Kimpex has been paying close attention to its customer’s needs for the past 50 years. Once again we have raised the question, how to find an innovative way to broaden our service? And continue to upholding the corporate values which we have become renowned for over the years. From this questioning, an idea on how to improve the availability of products was born.


  • 30/07/2018

    LS2 Helmets : the History

    LS2 saw its beginnings in the 1990s when Arthur Liao created a home-based business making helmets. Over time, the small business started to gain in popularity… and demand increased quickly. So in 1992, Arthur opened a new plant to increase production and hired over 100 workers. At that time, the original brand name was called FENGXING.


  • 16/07/2018

    Your Helmet’s Safety Certification

    You have chosen your helmet which is beautiful, comfortable and on budget: that’s great! But, are you sure it provides the best protection?

  • 21/06/2018

    Is it time to replace your motorcycle helmet?

    Although mandatory, your helmet is probably the most important protective equipment for your biking rides. You probably still love the old helmet you bought a few years ago and its perfect colour and style. Although it may still be comfortable, it may be time to change it. “Some would say: a helmet is good for life!” Not really. Let’s take a look together why you may want to rethink this.   


  • 14/06/2018

    New Facelift for the Kimpex News!


    The Kimpex blog is undergoing a total makeover, and with much pride the entire marketing team is inviting you to discover the content! 

  • 08/06/2018

    Review: Oxford T30R, a versatile tail bag


    Oxford is a well-known leading manufacturer of high-performance accessories for motorcycles. Their bike bag family of products includes the T30R, an extremely versatile tail bag which can be easily mounted at the back of your motor bike.

  • 06/06/2018

    Discover the evolution of the Commander Tracks Kit.


    Commander introduces their very first track kit, known as the Wide Track. Perfect in snow, they are specially designed for winter conditions. The wide tracks and tread pattern provide excellent traction and manoeuvrability. Conveyed to dominate winter, they allow you to hit the trails and discover unknown territories without limits!


  • 01/06/2018

    Six ways of being visible when riding a motorcycle


    Finally, good weather is coming back! It will soon be time to hit the road on your motorcycle. This is the perfect time to check your machine and review your gear and equipment. It is also the right time to remind you that visibility is a key component of your safety.


  • 14/05/2018

    NEWS : Suzuki KingQuad 2018


    Yesterday, Suzuki introduces us to their brand new KingQuad. Redesigned, built to last and assembled in the United States are the three major points put forward by Suzuki to praise the new KingQuad presented in 750cc and 500cc.

  • 22/01/2018

    The all new 600R e-tec



    BRP introduces the most advanced 600cc in the industry, the 600R e-tec.

  • 13/10/2017

    Discover the new LS2 FF353 Rapid helmet.

    New for 2018, the LS2 FF353 RAPID offers you high-level protection with a slick and modern design. Build with HPTT, an ABS mixture that provides a safe and lightweight structure,

  • 11/10/2017

    New LS2 Off-road Helmet: MX470 SUBVERTER


    LS2 presents their latest innovation for all motocross and off-road enthusiasts, the MX470 SUBVERTER. Made of ultra-lightweight material,

  • 14/09/2017

    Everything about the new Falco Ranger Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Motorcycle Boots announce the arrival of a new model of boots for motorcycles.

  • 06/09/2017

    Argo jump in the ATV market!


    After 50 years of exploiting the XTV (Extreme Terrain Vehicle) market, the Canadian company Argo launches into the ATV market.

  • 25/08/2017

    Alta Motors: The Bike of Tomorrow

    It is probably not the first time you hear this but, electric vehicle is gaining in popularity. With more than 28 000 electric cars on the

  • 04/08/2017

    The all new Honda CRF250R 2018

    Its official, Honda has released the new CRF250R 2018. Based on the same philosophy as the CRF450R,

  • 28/06/2017

    LS2 moving closer to Canadians


  • 28/06/2017

    2017-2018 Snowmobiles Recalled by Arctic Cat


    Arctic Cat recalls about 2700 snowmobiles after receiving a report of a fractured drive clutch that posed an impact hazard.


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