Kimpex Rouski

Kimpex Rouski

Rouski retractable wheels

Rouski retractable wheels on the snowmobile
Rouski on a ski

Protect your slides and facilitate off snow riding

Next winter, Rouski will implement a new design to become the Kimpex Rouski EVO. A new design concept to improve your off-snow riding experience!

Remaining as safe and efficient as ever to protect your runners and facilitate off-trail riding, the Rouski EVO features an easier-to-engage system, which is compact, lockable, and better integrated.

Unique on the market, the retractable wheel mechanism also stands out with its two-part design: the Rouski Evo mechanism and an adapter for different ski models. The same Rouski Evo can thus be installed on different machines by only changing the adapters.

Rouski benefits

Reduced wear and tear on runners and skis
Better control for driving on hard surfaces
Protection of floors when driving around and storing
Easier loading onto the trailer

Updated design for unique benefits

Patent pending

Easier to engage

  • Engage the wheels with foot pressure alone on most surfaces.

  • Multiply the push force by 8 thanks to the double pivot mechanism.
Engagement of the wheels with foot pressure
lock your system to ride without fear of wheel disengagement
Patent pending

The first fully lockable system

  • Cross obstacles and back up without fear of wheel disengagement.
  • Lock the wheels in the up position for long rides.
Patent pending

Unique two-part design:

the universal Rouski + ski adapter

  • Remove the Rouski EVO and keep only the ski adapter.
  • Use of the same Rouski EVO with different skis just by changing the adapter.
unique two-part design

The Rouski EVO in details

exploded view of the Rouski

Everything about the Rouski EVO