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Snowmobile Boots

Everybody who’s riding a snowmobile knows how important it is to keep your feet warm and dry. This is why Kimpex works hard to distribute the best snowmobile boots available in the industry. That snowmobile gear is as important as your snowmobile jackets. The principle is simple.  Keep your extremity warm and dry so your blood circulates normally. It’s the best way to stay warm when snowmobiling.  Don’t think regular winter boots will do the job! 

The Best Snowmobile Boots For Everyone

Because there are so many different sledding styles and technics (Trail riding, mountain riding, Snocross, off-road, backcountry, free style,…) we offer a large selection of snowmobile boots covering each of those styles! We carry Jethwear boots and CKX boots. These lasts are very technical and light boots (if not the lightest snowmobile boots) on the market! Perfect for men, women and kids