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SNOWMOBILE Retractable wheels kit

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Rouski Snowmobile Ski Wheels

The Rouski system lets you go further while protecting your snowmobile. It raises your skis so that the wheels support your snowmobile, providing better control on hard surfaces. This allows you to reduce the wear and tear of your runners and skis. Rouski wheels are also equipped with a stop that prevents the ski from twisting and ensures that your snowmobile parts remain undamaged.

Easier moving, loading/unloading and storage

Rouski wheels allow easier access to gas stations, hotels and parking areas, and provide you with the same level of confidence and control on the road that you experience on the trails. Safety and navigating with ease in curves are greatly improved.

It will now be easier not only to load/unload your snowmobile from your trailer when moving around, but also to back-up your snowmobile on uneven surfaces. Gone are the days of fighting with the machine to move it.

In addition to protecting your snowmobile, Rouski retractable wheels also protect your driveway pavement and garage floor by lifting the sharp runners of your skis. And they make is easy for you to direct your machine to a specific storage area.

Automatic retractable wheels

The Rouski retractable wheel system draws back automatically when you ride in powder snow. You can also disengage the mechanism through simple weight shifts on the snowmobile to lift one of the skis. If needed, the system can be engaged manually, simply by lifting the front of the snowmobile’s ski using the built-in handle.    

Quick and easy installation

The Rouski system’s quick and easy installation makes it a very popular accessory for snowmobilers. The system comes already assembled and it can be installed in just a few minutes, requiring no change to the snowmobile’s original parts.  

Versatile and well suited for all types of skis and snowmobiles, the system can be adjusted to different heights to free more space, so the front and back of the ski will not touch the ground.

One-year warranty

To allow you to enjoy your new purchase with complete peace of mind, the Rouski GEN 3 system is guaranteed for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.  The system is reliable and durable.