Kimpex Connect


Kimpex Connect Mounting bases for snowmobile accessories

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Made for easy cargo transportation

Unique in the aftermarket, Kimpex Connect is the first universal and lockable mounting base system. With its ingenious design, it allows you to install various accessories safely, easily and quickly.

Carry All

Carry all.

A lockable system designed to accommodate all snowmobiles.

  • Universal system without adapter

    Fits most popular brands of snowmobiles.

  • Quick and easy assembly

    Requires tunnel drilling on some models (template included).

  • Lockable hinges

    Prevent cargo thefts at stopovers.

  • Anti-opening device with safety strap

    Keeps the opening closed in spite of impacts and vibrations.


Carry on.

Accessories that can be installed in seconds.

Adventure tunnel bag
Go out on an adventure taking everything you need.

Versatile Rack
Versatile Rack
Carry all you need for work or an expedition.

Gas Tank
Gas tank holder
Gobble up miles and miles without fearing an empty tank.

Mounting base Kimpex Connect and accessories sold separately.

Carry out

Carry out.

Worry free riding with everything you need.